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Winston C.

Like many of you, I've had my share of physical therapy, chiropractor

and deep tissue massage sessions. I was in a pedestrian vs. auto

accident in middle school (you guessed it: I was the pedestrian),

started experiencing tingling and numbness in my right arm in high

school, and have always had chronic neck and back pain that's gotten

worse and worse as I stare at a screen all day for work. All these

sessions ranged from totally unhelpful and uncomfortable at worst

to only temporarily relieving at best. One day, I just hit this point

where I thought, "If my body is this broken down when I'm only in

my 20s, they're going to have to stretcher me around by the time

I'm 50." That's when I reached out to Isaac at Renew. That changed everything.


After only a few sessions with Isaac - who starts by methodically asking questions in a compassionate way that puts you completely at ease, moves on to pain-free tests that allow him to quickly and efficiently understand what's going on everywhere (not just at the pain point), proceeds to clearly explain things about your body that make total sense, and finishes by patiently coaching you through exercises that make you feel like a completely new person when you do them - I have been more pain-free than ever before. My range of motion is so much better. Things don't creak and crack like they used to. And most importantly, Isaac gave me a holistic understanding of how my body works - which helps me self-diagnose and self-treat. You know how they say you should teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish? That's the approach Isaac takes with his patients.


I've gotten to know Isaac, and what really stands out to me is how seriously he takes his craft. He's younger than other therapists I've met but way more knowledgeable. I've learned that he works overtime, goes in on weekends, does extra fellowships, and even travels around the country just so he can learn and improve as a therapist. One more thing, though. I'd say this place is for people who are serious about getting back to 100%. If all you want is a massage for temporary relief, this is not the place. You have to give it time and effort if you want it to work. This guy is the real deal. I'd recommend him to anybody.

Howard D.

My experience with Isaac has been wonderful, and I would not

hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  Let me tell you a bit about

my outcomes from working with Isaac and you can judge for yourself.  

I began seeing Isaac in 2020.  It turns out that while I was seeing

Isaac I had an issue with my bowel that required surgery.  Thanks to

COVID, I had some time before the surgery could be scheduled and I

worked with Isaac to do 'pre-hab' to get prepped for the surgery.  

The surgery went well and doctor was impressed with recovery--I

actually ended up being able to get out of the hospital a full day

earlier than any of his other patients whom had ever had the same surgery.  

After my surgery, I continued to work with Isaac who also helped me rehab.  During this time he noticed that I had neurological symptoms (clonus and spasticity).  He reached out to my doctor to make sure that he knew about them.  It turns out that I have a motor neuron disease.  Although it is incurable, I was able to get it diagnosed early and begin trying treatments that will hopefully slow my decline and extend my life.  

As you can understand, I believe that Isaac not only helped me get out of the hospital sooner after my bowel surgery, but his intervention with my doctor may end up allowing me to spend more time with my wife and children.  And for that I am truly thankful.

Paco P.

As a non-american citizen I was a little bit afraid when I had to start

my PT journey. After an important surgery I've been assigned to Isaac

and still after months I say that I've been really lucky. He took care of

my knee with all the professionalism that he has, in the long way that

I had with him and his assistant we've been working hard and

constantly with all the needed care. When I was worried he was there

to calm me down, when I had doubts he was there to answer me with

the most complete answer and also when I was seeing the path

difficult or too long he was there telling me that I could've never give

up, reminding me why I started. He hasn't only been a PT, he has

been a mental coach to me, things that meant a lot for me that time,

which I'll never forget.

Personally I can say I had and I also have a lot of physical therapists around me these days: but the seriousness and the commitment that he put in my recover has been terrific and if will be able to play again soccer, most of the credits goes to him.

I would advise him to all the people who I know, wishing him the best!

James C.

I'm a PT geek and although I'm not a PT, I know enough to say that

Isaac knows his stuff. First, Isaac was super professional. He was

punctual, communicative and took copious amounts of notes. Isaac

followed through on all things promised. For example, some PT's lag

or even forget to send an email relative to things being discussed

like a list of exercises, notes, etc. Isaac was prompt in sending that

email so I could start on my exercises with a reference. Second,

Isaac was very communicative and thorough. He patiently walked me

through all exercises, answered all of my questions, and even double

checked a few things to ensure his thoughts/suggestions. I had a lot

of questions, but he made sure that I understood what was going on. I would highly recommend Isaac because he is definitely passionate not only about PT, but genuinely cares about the individual in front of him.

Bailey E.

I am a highschool basketball player and had a full tear of my acl

with a partial meniscus. I moved to Isaac about 6-7 months post op.

I had lots of trainers but Isaac was one of my favorites out of all of

them. He was super patient and understanding. He loved to crack

jokes and make people laugh which created such a welcoming

environment. He listened to me and addressed any pain I had and

tried his best to fix it. There was one time I had this certain knee

pain and he collaborated and talked to so many other trainers about

what the issue could be. He is really dedicated to his patients and

cares about them. He pushed me past my limits and helped me get

stronger while having fun. On exercises where I was afraid to do it, he encouraged me and reminded me that I was able to do it and that I shouldn’t be afraid. And I continued to do the exercise no problem.


Isaac understands that injuries, especially with returning athletes, have a very big mental side to it. Every time I was nervous or scared to do something he helped me realize that I could do it and that I was ready to take that next step. On the days where I was super tired from coming straight from practice and having school or finals, he understood that I was drained and created exercises that would push me but was enjoyable. Isaac knows the importance of giving your body a rest. He gave me rest days where my body was able to re-energize and recover. He made physical therapy seem like a fun workout session instead of a chore which I really liked. I was able to graduate at 10 months and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Isaac. He is an amazing therapist and an amazing person. He will acknowledge your needs and talk to you as a friend rather than a patient. I would definitely recommend Isaac as your physical therapist.

Kerri N.

As a PT myself, I would not trust just anyone to work with my

daughter who sustained an ankle fracture and had ORIF who plays

multiple sports. Isaac was the perfect person to work with her as she

really needed to focus in and work on a few specific areas. Working

with a high schooler is not always an easy task and Isaac really

provided a fun atmosphere for her, but at the same time made her

work super hard and really challenged her. He is very professional

and courteous and is quite knowledgeable on a broad spectrum of

impairments as well as treatments. We also appreciated that he

could provide in-home therapy which was super helpful for our

busy schedule.

One can tell that Isaac takes his profession seriously and has a thirst for knowledge that he wants to use so that his patients make gains more efficiently. However, something that sticks out is his compassionate care with his patients.

Samuel W.

I had such an amazing experience here. As a former NCAA athlete,

I had residual pain in my wrists and shoulders. Isaac was so

knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me improve my mobility and

strength quickly and effectively. Since he has so much educational

experience, he was much more effective than past PTs that I have

seen. I definitely recommend seeing someone with as much

experience and training as him. I would definitely go back to see

him in the future (but fingers crossed that I don't need to :P)

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