Rosalyn L.

There are few people who are truly passionate about their profession. Isaac is one of these rare people that you can tell truly enjoys his work. Isaac is the only person I would trust with body pain. He really takes the time to evaluate all possibilities and makes you feel understood. He is constantly checking in to make sure that you're ok but also appropriately assigns exercises that build up strength. Can not recommend anyone better for PT!

Winston C.

Like many of you, I've had my share of physical therapy, chiropractor and deep tissue massage sessions. I was in a pedestrian vs. auto accident in middle school (you guessed it: I was the pedestrian), started experiencing tingling and numbness in my right arm in high school, and have always had chronic neck and back pain that's gotten worse and worse as I stare at a screen all day for work. All these sessions ranged from totally unhelpful and uncomfortable at worst to only temporarily relieving at best. One day, I just hit this point where I thought, "If my body is this broken down when I'm only in my 20s, they're going to have to stretcher me around by the time I'm 50." That's when I reached out to Isaac at Renew. That changed everything. After only a few sessions with Isaac - who starts by methodically asking questions in a compassionate way that puts you completely at ease, moves on to pain-free tests that allow him to quickly and efficiently understand what's going on everywhere (not just at the pain point), proceeds to clearly explain things about your body that make total sense, and finishes by patiently coaching you through exercises that make you feel like a completely new person when you do them - I have been more pain-free than ever before. My range of motion is so much better. Things don't creak and crack like they used to. And most importantly, Isaac gave me a holistic understanding of how my body works - which helps me self-diagnose and self-treat. You know how they say you should teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish? That's the approach Isaac takes with his patients. I've gotten to know Isaac, and what really stands out to me is how seriously he takes his craft. He's younger than other therapists I've met but way more knowledgeable. I've learned that he works overtime, goes in on weekends, does extra fellowships, and even travels around the country just so he can learn and improve as a therapist. One more thing, though. I'd say this place is for people who are serious about getting back to 100%. If all you want is a massage for temporary relief, this is not the place. You have to give it time and effort if you want it to work. This guy is the real deal. I'd recommend him to anybody.

Marilyn L.

Isaac has been instrumental during my half marathon training. As someone who's never been a regular runner, my knees quickly started having lots of pain during and in between my runs. Isaac was not only extremely attentive and patient during our sessions, but I truly felt like he was listening to my concerns and asking me questions (something I find surprisingly rare with doctors/PTs). He recommended me exercises and tools to use between my runs and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Isaac to my family and friends.

Victor H.

Isaac treated my lower back multiple times (from sitting too long and from occasional sprains). He was very professional and knowledgeable about the problem, using various tests to gauge where my problem areas might be. He was also very good at assigning exercises to do to strengthen any weak areas that may have contributed to my injury. I would highly recommend him for all your PT needs!

Hannah K.

Isaac is amazing! He helped me with my chronic pain for long term results. I have had pain in my lower back and right hip for over 10 years on and off. I've been to chiropractors and have gotten massages for the pain relief, but the pain never failed to come back. In our sessions, Isaac checks my body movements and posture and listens as I explain when and where the pain is happening. He is very knowledgeable and finds exactly what is causing the pain. Isaac gave me multiple exercises to help me gain the muscles needed to prevent me from overextending my back. The exercises have helped me strengthen my core and back and has overall helped me not strain my lower back. Overall he very gently and patiently cared for my body, and I'd recommend to anyone looking to take care of any chronic pain.

JordAN E.

I am so lucky to have found a physical therapist I will be going to for any future problem I have. Isaac takes his time to make sure he’s treating everything that may be compensating and leading to your injury. I saw him for my knee pain I had been having for a few weeks and he was able to tell it was a meniscus tear before the MRI. The treatment was not just for my knee, but also worked on strengthening my hips and ankles. After about a month I was already feeling better and stronger, and was able to return to soccer shortly after that. I couldn’t recommend a better PT!!

Samuel W.

I had such an amazing experience here. As a former NCAA athlete, I had residual pain in my wrists and shoulders. Isaac was so knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me improve my mobility and strength quickly and effectively. Since he has so much educational experience, he was much more effective than past PTs that I have seen. I definitely recommend seeing someone with as much experience and training as him. I would definitely go back to see him in the future (but fingers crossed that I don't need to :P)

Theresa D.

I have had the pleasure of working with Isaac Auyeung, Physical Therapist, at Evergreen Therapy in Pasadena, CA.
Isaac is warm, personable, and dedicated to the success of his patients. He encouraged me to go beyond my emotional comfort zone. At 75 years old, i found i was able to accomplish workouts i thought were out of my reach. I began to feel quite proud of myself. And i felt my body getting stronger.
At one session i showed Isaac i was now able to get up from the floor without using my hands. My legs had gotten stronger. Isaac helped to awaken and strengthen my muscles. He showed me how to exercise correctly and effectively. And to this day i continue my exercises on a regular basis. Thank you Isaac!

Arlan E.

I have long been skeptical of the benefits of physical therapy; then I met Isaac. I was recovering from rotator cuff surgery where PT is not optional. Isaac guided me through 12 weeks of recovery with 100% results. I could not be happier. He is a true professional.

Kerri N.

As a PT myself, I would not trust just anyone to work with my daughter who sustained an ankle fracture and had ORIF who plays multiple sports. Isaac was the perfect person to work with her as she really needed to focus in and work on a few specific areas. Working with a high schooler is not always an easy task and Isaac really provided a fun atmosphere for her, but at the same time made her work super hard and really challenged her. He is very professional and courteous and is quite knowledgeable on a broad spectrum of impairments as well as treatments. We also appreciated that he could provide in home therapy which was super helpful for our busy schedule.

One can tell that Isaac takes his profession seriously and has a thirst for knowledge that he wants to use so that his patients make gains more efficiently. However, something that sticks out is his compassionate care with his patients.

Enoch Q.

I am a physical therapist myself and Isaac is one of the few therapists that I would trust with orthopedic issues. I have had chronic neck pain for the past 2 years and most therapists or clinicians have given me general exercises and massage that provides only temporary relief. He goes well beyond the cookie cutter approaches by listening to your issues and treating your involved impairments. Isaac also provides a long term plan and is honest about the different types of treatments and approaches out there. It's hard to believe, but I'm actually starting to see some improvements. Chronic pain is not something that goes away instantly and Isaac is the therapist you want who provides a long term plan and checks in with you to make sure you are doing the proper techniques for your health. I feel enlightened and empowered to take control of my exercise and therapy!

Dor C.

Isaac is an amazing professional PT. He responses instantly to my request of treatment. He evaluated my condition very carefully, explained to me in detail of my situation, very gently and patiently when treating my problem area. He is very knowledgeable in giving advice to relieve my back pain, how to strengthen and use different area of muscle to avoid further injury or overusing my back. The advice of using my core muscles helped me not to strain my back, and be able to gain mobility in a way that I thought I could not do. I really appreciated that he took the time to do a PT section in my own home. The training exercises to strengthen my weak areas are also very helpful. Isaac has a very friendly personality and has extreme patience in listening to patient's concerns and questions. I HIGHLY recommend Isaac as a professional PT to anyone that I know who may need his professional help.

Stephanie H.

As a PT myself, Isaac was a classmate and is now colleague of mine. He's very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to orthopedic injuries, and is my go to person when I want to discuss about a patient case. He is patient, caring, and detailed oriented making him a clinician that you can trust!

Molly M.

Isaac was a wonderful help when I had an issue with a pinched nerve. He was patient and empathetic in the assessment, and then provided strengthening and stretching methods (and kind encouragement) that worked to alleviate my issue faster than I thought possible. I ended up with fewer appointments than originally set. Highly recommended!

Gabby M.

I was a patient of Isaac’s for a couple of months. He is the nicest and helped me so much after my injury. He would always have goals set in mind for me to achieve great results for my recovery. He would try out new techniques but also push me as far as I can to have the best outcome! I am so grateful for everything he did and would recommend him to anyone!

Katerina L.

I had a virtual appointment with Isaac bc I was having mini sharp pains in my foot that would come and go during my runs. He was very knowledgeable and taught me some stretches I could do to relieve the pain and quicken recovery. I especially appreciated that he took the time to teach me and make sure i understood how to do them and didn’t pressure or make me feel rushed. Overall great experience!

Deborah S.

I suffered from loss of motion in my arms and shoulders following a mastectomy and 3 additional operations due to complications. I’d seen 2 other physical therapists and made no progress 2 and a half years later. At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to give PT one more try and was referred to Isaac. Isaac gave me my life back! We worked together for nearly 6 months and I have regained nearly all of my range of motion. He was a brutal, tough physical therapist, but gave me exactly what I needed to rehabilitate my arms and shoulders and break down the scar tissue. I still do some of the exercises he laid out for me during our sessions any time I’m feeling stiff Or tight. Isaac is also a super nice and compassionate guy! I highly recommend him!

Frances T.

Isaac and his attention to details is second to none! I was dealing w/ some back discomfort with weight training and he was able to pick up on the subtlety of my imbalances w/ breathing and address that which allowed me to better engage and stabilize my core. Now I'm able to lift w/o any discomfort. It was great working with him and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a physical therapist.